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Uncover the skill gaps in your curriculum, promote industry involvement, and increase the employability of your graduates.

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What are you doing to ensure that your graduates have the skills they actually need?

  • Most institutions meet once a year (or fewer) to review curriculum and evaluate industry’s needs. Aligning your curriculum shouldn’t be a once-a-year thing.

  • Percentage of jobs requiring postsecondary education or training. Higher-education policy ignores the majority of today’s students, which continues to expand the skills gap. National Skills Coalition

Teach what matters.

Use Calibrate to:

A better way to author and analyze your curriculum.

Calibrate can help your team write better curriculum by enabling them to speak a shared-skills language. Moving towards competency-based education? Use Calibrate to write your competencies and tasks.

Identify what’s missing from your curriculum.

Use the application to discover your skill gaps, essential knowledges, core skills, and abilities. Calibrate brings you more skills data to help make your programs more robust.

Let Calibrate do the heavy lifting.

Calibrate intelligently analyzes curriculum to better align skills with the needs of industry. Add, organize, edit and validate curriculum without the need for lengthy-advisor meetings. Continuously adapt your curriculum to the needs of industry using our algorithms and curated data. Equip your students with the skills that industry is demanding.

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